12 Juni 2008

dream theater release

dream theater ngeluncurin album baru dengan safe title:

Greatest Hit (...and 21 other pretty cool songs)

Track Listing

Disc 1: (The Dark Side)
  1. “Pull Me Under” (2007 Remix)
  2. “Take The Time” (2007 Remix)
  3. “Lie” (Single Edit)
  4. “Peruvian Skies”
  5. “Home” (Single Edit)
  6. “Misunderstood” (Single Edit)
  7. “The Test That Stumped Them All”
  8. “As I Am”
  9. “Endless Sacrifice”
  10. “The Root Of All Evil”
  11. “Sacrificed Sons”
Disc 2: (The Light Side)
  1. “Another Day” (2007 Remix)
  2. “To Live Forever”
  3. “Lifting Shadows Off A Dream”
  4. “The Silent Man”
  5. “Hollow Years”
  6. “Through Her Eyes” (Alternate Album Mix)
  7. “The Spirit Carries On”
  8. “Solitary Shell” (Single Edit)
  9. “I Walk Beside You”
  10. “The Answer Lies Within”
  11. “Disappear”

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